Ceiling Lights

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Whether you want a vintage or antique chandelier or a mid century classic or the high-end designer piece, we’ve got it all at  the Layer Marketplace.  We have an extensive offering of ceiling lights to compliment your room perfectly. If you want something that isn’t shown on our store, contact us and we’ll reach out to the Layer network and find the lighting you want for your room.
  • Salvaged Hungarian Opaline Globe Pendant Light with Porcelain and Cast Iron Gallery


    Beautiful opaline globe pendant light with a porcelain and cast iron gallery that was salvaged from a glassworks in Hungary.

  • Retro Czech Glass Pendant Light with Bakelite Gallery 1970s


    Salvaged retro prismatic glass pendant light with a white bakelite gallery.

  • Stiletto Prismatic Glass Light with Brass Galleries by Holophane 1930s


    Elegant stiletto prismatic glass shade with embossed manufacturers mark and original polished brass galleries by Holophane.

  • Industrial Two Part Aluminium Pendant Light with White Glass Dome and Steel Protective Cage


    Industrial pendant using a polished two part aluminium enclosure with a substantial white glass dome and steel protection cage.

  • Hungarian Industrial Enamel Steel Lamp 1940s


    Enamel steel Hungarian salvaged industrial light with a brushed and lacquered steel lamp enclosure.

  • Enameled Steel French Factory Shade in Green 1950s


    Wonderful industrial enameled steel green shade made in France in the 1950s

  • Original Mazzega Ceiling Light with Frosted Glass Panels 1970s


    Original frosted glass paneled ceiling light by Mazzega with chrome fittings and three light points.

  • Italian Chrome and Enameled Metal Studio Glass Ceiling Light 1970s


    Italian glass ceiling light in chrome, enameled metal and hand blown glass that comes with the original chain and cup.

  • Orange and White Hand Blown Glass Ceiling Light with Chrome Fitting 1970s


    Lovely orange and white hand blown glass ceiling light in a lemon squeezer shape with a chrome fitting by Sergio…

  • A Pair of Milanese Ceiling Lights in Chrome and Enameled Metal 1970s


    Milanese pair of chrome and enameled metal ceiling lights with a hand blown shade.

  • Pirelli Warehouse Enameled Two Part Spun Steel Light with Polished Aluminium Galleries Lights by Maxlume


    Industrial British salvaged shade that has enameled two-part spun steel reflectors complete with original polished aluminium galleries with cast manufacturers…

  • Bauhaus Style Enameled Spun Steel Industrial Light 1930s


    Beautiful German industrial factory light in the Bauhaus style that has an enameled spun steel reflector with lacquered steel gallery.

  • Industrial British Cast Iron Light with Clear Glass Well by REVO 1950s


    Wonderful industrial light that is made of polished and lacquered cast iron complete with manufacturers logo and stunning original clear glass…

  • Enameled Steel Industrial Pendant Light with Original Factory Finish


    An Eastern Bloc industrial pendant light that comprises of an enameled shade and steel gallery with original factory finish.

  • Sven Aage Brutalist Hanging Lamp for Holm Sorensen & Company


    A striking brass ceiling light in a brutalist style in the form of leaves or an open flower by Sven Aage…

  • Industrial Czech Pendant Light with Enamel Reflector and Steel Protection Cage 1950s


    Industrial Czechoslovakian salvaged pendant light that has a glass enclosure with enamel reflector, bakelite gallery and steel protection cage.

  • Vintage Industrial Light with Linear Prismatic Glass and Brushed Lacquered Steel


    Industrial salvaged vintage light from the Eastern Bloc with original prismatic glass that is topped with a brushed and lacquered…

  • US Army Paratrooper Green Enamel Pendant Light


    Salvaged green enamel American paratrooper pendant light that was used by the US Army in 1943 during WWII.

  • Industrial Aluminium and Opaline Glass Pendant Light 1950s


    Aluminium and opaline glass industrial pendant light from the former Czechoslovakia which has the original manufacturers plaques.

  • Polish Two Part Aluminium Industrial Light


    Salvaged industrial light salvaged from Poland comprising of two parts, with polished aluminium, original glass dome, and a steel protection cage.

  • Enamel Industrial Light with Polished Aluminium Galleries


    A wonderful industrial shade that was salvaged from the former Czechoslovakia and is made with enamel and polished aluminium.

  • Brushed and Lacquered Enamelled Steel Industrial Light 1950s


    Salvaged enamelled steel factory light that is brushed and lacquered to give an industrial feel.

  • Vintage Czech Hand Blown Opaline Glass Globe with Original White Bakelite Cover 1950s


    Vintage hand blown opaline glass pendant with bakelite cover that has been salvaged from Czechoslovakia.

  • Hand Blown Opaline Glass and White Bakelite Teardrop Pendant Light 1950s


    Vintage opaline glass and bakelite teardrop pendant light that was hand blown. The piece also contains traditional silver braided cable.