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Mirrors add the illusion of extra space and bring light to your home. Our beautiful selection of decorative, ornate mirrors will add beauty and vintage charm to your beloved spaces.
  • Crested Gilt Mirror with Original Glass by Louis Philippe


    Elegant Louis Philippe crested mirror with the original glass and backboards.

  • Overmantle Mirror with Original Paint by Louis Philippe


    Exquisite and elegant overmantle mirror with the original paintwork and faded gilding by Louis Philippe.

  • Vintage Mid Century English Butlers Porthole Convex Mirror with Gilt Balls 1950s


    Superb English butlers mid century porthole convex mirror with gilt balls that is a really fun piece and would be…

  • Pair of Antique Gilt Framed Mirrors


    Stunning pair of antique gilt framed 19th century mirrors that are adorned with lovely detailing.

  • White Beveled Mirror with Torch and Quiver Motif by Louis Philippe


    Superb torch and quiver adorned beveled mirror in white by Louis Philippe.

  • French Antique Marriage Mirror with Gilding


    Elegant French marriage mirror adorned with lovely detailing including love birds.

  • French Reeded Gilt Mirror


    Beautiful reeded mirror with the original gilt and mirror plate from the 19th century.

  • English Antique Gilt and Gesso Mirror


    Stunning gilt and gesso English mirror with the original beveled plating that is adorned with lovely detailing.

  • Carved French Gilt Wood Mirror


    Exquisite French antique carved wood mirror with the original gilting and adorned with lovely detailing.

  • French Antique Octagonal White Cushion Mirror


    Elegant French octagonal antique white cushion mirror that is adorned with lovely detailing.

  • French Gilt Mirror with Instruments Decoration


    Wonderful French gilted mirror decorated with instruments that have a lovely detailing to them.

  • French Antique Crested Mirror with Original Plate


    Elegant French crested mirror that is adorned with lovely detailing and the original 19th century plate.

  • French Antique Carved Wood Mirror with Gilding


    Exquisite French antique mirror adorned with a bird and laurel motif made in carved wood. The piece has the original plate…

  • Gilt and Steel Mid Century Sunburst Mirror Lamp 1960s


    Beautiful mid century sunburst mirror lamp with original mirror plate and a frame made of gilt and steel.

  • Chinoiserie Mirror in Chinese Red with Gilt Highlights


    Beautiful chinoiserie mirror that has been painted in Chinese red paint with gilt highlights and decorated with oriental figures and buildings.

  • 19th Century French Crested Mirror


    A wonderful French 19th Century crested mirror with original silver gilt.

  • Mid Century Nickel Italian Mirror 1960s


    Beautiful nickel mid century Italian mirror by Sergio Mazza. 1960s

  • Large Vintage Convex Mirror with Aged Silvering to Glass


    A very large, slightly convex vintage mirror.

  • Decorative Gold Mirror with Elaborate Frame


    Decorative Gold Mirror with Elaborate Frame

  • Oval French Style Mirror


    Oval French Style Mirror

  • Antique Venetian Mirror

    £750.00 £675.00

    Antique Venetian Mirror