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Béton Brut
  • Silvio Coppola 330 Italian leather Chair 1960s. 8 Available

    £500.00 £450.00

    Silvio Coppola designed stained beech and aniline leather chair with a thick foam padded seat.

    by Béton Brut
  • Set of 4 Dick Spierenburg postmodern chairs

    £1,980.00 £1,700.00

    Minimalist postmodern dining chairs

    by Béton Brut
  • Italian Postmodern Lacquered Wood Desk and Black Vinyl Upholstered Chair 1970s


    Stunning Italian postmodern desk, crafted from lacquered wood, with a dark removable smoke glass top and black vinyl chair.

    by Béton Brut
  • Neil Morris Walnut Cloud table, UK 1947


    This is a classic design - a Neil Morris walnut cloud table from the UK in 1947.

    by Béton Brut
  • Mid Century Nickel Italian Mirror 1960s


    Beautiful nickel mid century Italian mirror by Sergio Mazza. 1960s

    by Béton Brut
  • Red Steel Congresso Italian Bookcase 1970s

    £1,760.00 £1,500.00

    Italian congresso bookcase in red painted steel sheets, ideal for books, volumes, and files from the 1970s.  

    by Béton Brut
  • Danish Diplomat Teak Armchair by Finn Juhl for France and Sons 1952


    Beautiful teak Danish Diplomat armchair by Finn Juhl with original upholstered cushions 1952. The price includes re-upholstery.

    by Béton Brut
  • A Teak Plywood Vittorio Nobili Medea Chair 1955


    Four mid century Italian molded teak plywood Medea chairs with enameled steel legs. 1955

    by Béton Brut
  • A Pair of red 1950s Italian armchairs


    A pair of Italian mid century armchairs upholstered in the original terracotta fabric.

    by Béton Brut
  • Italian Solid Iron Rod Modernist Black Coat Stand 1960s


    Modernist solid iron rod coat stand by Campo Franco & Carlo Graffi. It is very pleasing to the eye with…

    by Béton Brut
  • Italian White Powder Coated Steel Frame Gatto Table Lamp by Castiglioni 1960s


    Steel frame white powder coated Italian table lamp by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. This piece provides diffused lighting by the…

    by Béton Brut
  • Yellow E63 Table Lamp by Umberto Riva 1969


    Iconic E63 yellow table lamp originally designed by Umberto Riva. This piece is also referred to as the Robot or…

    by Béton Brut
  • Achille Castiglioni ‘Taccia’ table lamp FLOS, Italy 1962


    This is a stylish Italian mid century table lamp designed by the Castiglioni brothers for Flos from 1962.

    by Béton Brut
  • Hagoort White Perforated Wall Lamp Netherlands, 1950s

    £275.00 £250.00

    This is a perforated white wall lamp from the Netherlands in the 1950s, designed by Willem Hagoort in excellent condition.

    by Béton Brut
  • W H Gispen No 60 Oval Leather Easy Chair


    Model number 60 chair designed by W H Gispen for Kembo, Netherlands, 1950s.

    by Béton Brut
  • Dutch Mid Century JJM Hoogervorst ceiling lamp for ANVIA Holland


    A sculptural counterbalanced ceiling lamp.

    by Béton Brut
  • Robin Day Hillestak chair 1950s


    Robin Day Hillestak chair 1950s

    by Béton Brut
  • Postmodern Elio Martinelli White Lamp

    £350.00 £320.00

    Adjustable postmodern table lamp.

    by Béton Brut
  • Neil Morris Walnut Cloud table


    Neil Morris Walnut Cloud table

    by Béton Brut
  • Wim Den Boon Rohe Wicker Basket Armchair


    Wim Den Boon Rohe Wicker Basket Armchair

    by Béton Brut
  • Black JJM Hoogervorst ANVIA lamp


    Black JJM Hoogervorst ANVIA lamp

    by Béton Brut
  • Postmodern Italian Floor Lamp 1980s


    Floor lamp with adjustable light, made in Italy in the 1980s.

    by Béton Brut